Wait a Minute: Brewers Edition

When former-Washington National Nyjer Morgan hit the “walk-off” game-winner on Friday night, sending the Milwaukee Brewers to what they now call the NLCS, a sleeping dog awoke in my mind…

N.L.C.S.…I may not know the science of rockets, but I wholeheartedly believe that this acronym refers to what we used to call the National League Pennant series.

Now, in order for the Milwaukee Brewers to square-off against the venerable St. Louis Cardinals for the National League pennant–all joking aside–it would seem to be necessary for the Brewers actually to belong to the National League.

BUT, my dear friends, the Milwaukee Brewers played the Cardinals in the 1982 World Series. If you are from another country, allow me to explain: The World Series pits the winners of the respective pennants–one from the American Leauge, one from the National League–against each other in a seven-game series. In 1982, by a fluke, the New York Yankees did not appear in the World Series.

So I found myself utterly confused. What in the world is going on here?

Guess what? The Milwaukee Brewers transferred to the National League some fourteen years ago!

I did not know that you could, so to speak, do that. But, apparently, when a) major-league baseball decides to add teams in states with lots of retirees, and b) a year passes with no World Series, owing to a strike, then circumstances ripen, and the Milwaukee Brewers acquire just such a changeling aptitude.

Gosh. Under what rock have I been living?