Hopper over the Top

New York Pavements at the Chrysler Museum

Edward Hopper has tortured me for many years.

Some of his paintings serve as bedrock leitmotifs for my entire pilgrim existence.

…But now, “New York Pavements.” Never seen, nor heard tell of it before.

What is the man trying to do to us? When you add wind; when you add off-centeredness and obscurity; when you put a child into this Hopper lens…

His other paintings enclose us in the jail-cell of modern urban solitude. But the sun shines in at the edges, or the night air has some freshness of dawn. The gauze that encloses the world is permeable.

“New York Pavements,” on the other hand, skewers us under a pitilessly overcast sky. And it’s cold. And…Why? why? my God, why do we roll perambulators down the street?

Walter Chrysler, Jr., bought “New York Pavements” in 1976. Did he buy it in order to have a Hopper in his collection? Or did he buy it because he wanted this Hopper in his collection? Did Chrysler catch the over-the-top Hopperness of this one?

Pope Benedict’s Teachings, et al

51767896I prepared an eight-page thematic synthesis of the homilies and talks our Holy Father gave during his visit to the United States last year.

If you would like to read the synthesis, click here.

…At his funeral, Fr. Bill Finch–known to many as a gruff, intimidating man–was called a “peep.” This reminded me that:

You know your pretensions to being an art connoisseur are phony when your favorite 20th-century American painting is reduced to this:


Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett
…Meanwhile, I just heard that my man K.G. may not play in the NBA post-season. A knee injury has plagued him all year.

This is a bitter disappointment for Preacher.

Garnett was my hero last June, when he and the Celtics put the then-hated Kobe Bryant in his place.

(Since then, Kobe became my man when he went to China.)

No Garnett means a tough May and June for Preacher.

…Though perhaps Dwight Howard could be this year’s hero.

If the Magic meet the Cavaliers, Howard could clean LeBron’s clock. Which would be sweet! We shall see…


Heartbreaker + New Bests

Fans shower LaBron with confetti in Cleveland. Merry fricking Christmas, arch-nemesis!
Here is a New Year’s resolution: No matter what happens, we WILL NOT give up on the Washington Wizards! We love the Wizards on good days and bad.

What a Christmas gift it would have been if the Wizards had actually beaten the Cleveland Cavaliers!

So close, yet so far.

Yes, there were some bad calls in the last two minutes of the game. But only losers blame refs for losses. (I learned this from my high-school basketball coach, and it is one of the truest rules of sports.)

Anyway, I hope that everyone had a merry Christmas.

The Feast of St. Stephen (today) is a good day to renew one’s exercise routine.

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