2013 NBA DraftOtto Porter leaving the Hoyas before graduating from Georgetown.

Surprisingly good: He will continue to play in the Verizon Center, for a team that maybe someday will break the curse by going back to being called the Bullets.

Congratulations to Otto for joining Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo, Jeff Green, and Roy Hibbert as top NBA draft picks. An elite group of totally awesome.

But, people, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE play for four years! PLEASE!! Two and out is no fun for us.

37 points, W + Doppelgangers

Carl Lewis

Walter Payton
Not since the 1980’s have two prominent athletes appeared as such doppelgangers.

Admittedly, from the shoulders down, Carl Lewis could easily be distinguished from Walter Payton.

Mikael Hopkins
Mikael Hopkins
otto porter
Otto Porter

…Two pictures of the same Georgetown Hoya?

No, friends. Two men, on the same team, on the court at the same time…

And just managed to beat the Tennessee Volunteers with 37 points on the board. Not at halftime. Final score GU 37 TEN 36.

Not since 1984 have the Georgetown Hoyas scored so few points in a game. (Ahem, we won the National Championship four games later.)

SEC Big East ChallengeAs you may recall, I opined back in ’08 that these late-November Georgetown-Tennessee games provide good opportunities for high-quality early-season basketball.

Didn’t happen this evening. But a win is a win.