Say It Ain’t So, Greg Monroe

Leaving Georgetown after just two seasons?

Two seasons full of potential, full of excitement about the future.

Two seasons that were ultimately–dare we say it?–disappointing.

This makes DaJuan leaving last year look like good news by comparison. He mailed it in his last year anyway. But Monroe? Gosh.

You sure know how to hurt a guy.

What happened to loyalty? What happened to chasing glory instead of cash? Who doesn’t know that there is a million times more glory in the college game than the pros? There is more glory in the Big East than there is in the NBA.

This is sad.

Coach and four-year Hoya

Three and Out

I was dismayed to discover this morning that I was not named to the President’s Religious Advisory Council.

This leaves me with more time to compile lists of some of the best things in life.

The list below is now retired. There is a new, special-edition Bests above.

Best Scene from “Prince of Egypt“:

ph2006022100002Best Tori Amos Song: A Sorta Fairytale

Best Georgetown Hoya Ever: Patrick Ewing

Best Professor at Seton Hall University: Fr. John Grimm (pictured above with the Holy Father and a foolish tall priest)

Best Super Bowl Commercial: