Like Toasting America with Belgian Beer

Budweiser America can
Here’s to America, schwestern!

Lord Jesus tells us to:

Settle with your opponent quickly while on the way to court with him.

If you bring your gift to the altar [that is, yourself, to offer along with Christ to the Father],and there recall that your brother [or sister in Christ, that is, your wife] has anything against you, …first be reconciled. (Matthew 5:25,24)

To whom must we apologize most often, for calling him/her “You Fool” (see Matthew 5:22)? The spouse.  The part of the Sermon on the Mount about the fifth commandment applies to husbands and wives, more often than not.

Hillary Clinton wins nomination“Sexual complementarity” has become a buzzword these days in Catholic circles.  But the word touches on the most-profound mystery.

God–Who transcends sex and created men and women in His image–God became a man.  In order to betroth a bride to Himself.  And the Bride has both men and women for members (us).

We men must beg pardon for under-estimating the gifts that women possess.  #1 guilty male chauvinist: right here.  May the Lord forgive me.

But do we raise a toast today, because a “glass ceiling” has been broken, and Mrs. Hillary Clinton will head a major-party ticket for President of the USA?

Budweiser has emblazoned their beer cans with “America” for the summer.  To raise a Bud for a patriotic toast on Independence Day…  A pretty daggone empty and ironic thing to do, since Anheuser-Busch has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Belgian-Brazilian conglomerate.

Seems to me that feminist rejoicing over the nomination of a former “First Lady” ranks in the same category of ironic shallowness.  Cronyism has become a game for men and women alike! Yea!  Rode her husband’s coattails into the limelight!  What a victory for women!

Especially when we consider: What an abortion actually entails.  Freedom?  How about: an act of violence against a mother and child.  Usually performed by a man.  At the behest of a man.

Makes Hillary Clinton’s cronies at Planned Parenthood look like the biggest male chauvinist pigs in America.

This is not the feminism that America needs.  We need to go back to the drawing board, and start with:

God, Who transcends male/female, and Who made man and woman in His image, became a man.  To betroth to Himself a Bride, made up of men and women.

Our Invitation to Planned-Parenthood Doctors

Come to me, all you who are burdened, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

Nothing can get quite so exhausting as moral indignation. Last week, some good people here got morally indignant that someone had surreptitiously taped and publicized a few things some of us said, without our consent. For my part, I couldn’t work up the energy to get morally indignant. After all, I have a solemn duty as a priest to watch what I say. I am obliged to do all I can to say things that are both true and appropriately discreet.

The great thing is when a person can rest fully in the truth. Then, if we must object to someone’s immoral act, we don’t get exhausted doing so.

Genuinely Catholic morality never invades someone else’s space. It is simply a matter of bearing witness to truth, so as to help others have the peace of living in it.

Now, we Christians love our Lady, and we venerate her beautiful womb. We love to meditate on baby Jesus in Mary’s womb, and on His birth in Bethlehem. That one baby, and His birth, give hope and meaning to the conception and births of all babies. Again, nothing could give our souls more real rest than meditating quietly and lovingly on the infant life of the Savior, in the womb and new-born.

Maybe you have seen the now-famous “sting” video of Dr. Nucatola of Planned Parenthood. I watched it, and nearly lost my cookies. And I’ve read some attempts at a defense.

Of course, there really is nowhere for a person trying to defend the morality of abortion to rest. The idea that the heart, lungs, liver, and legs of one person, namely the baby, can legitimately be donated to science (much less sold for profit) by another person, with a clear conscience, as if nothing but good were being done here—manifestly impossible. The mother doesn’t have two hearts, four lungs, two livers, and four legs.

So, let’s declare to the world: Dear tired, weary, exhausted souls, who run and run, trying to find a peaceful place to stand, while claiming that abortion is okay; we invite you, dear brothers and sisters: Come, live in the truth!

Someday, all those little babies, dismembered by the likes of Dr. Nucatola, will rise. They will judge us. Not with words, and not with fire and brimstone. But with the simple light in their eyes. Their very standing up, on the face of the earth, will judge us to the quick, on the great and final Day.

So: Let’s all stand on their side! Let’s stand together, on their side. On the side of the innocent and defenseless unborn, a soul can find rest, in the truth.

Nature Pushes Back

GamalielThe rabbi Gamaliel wisely counseled restraint, for the sake of discerning God’s will. Go gently. Let the Lord show His designs by how things unfold.

When I watched the news late Tuesday evening, a painful memory came flooding back into my mind.

Let me warn you now, we have to tackle come unpleasant facts today, to try to obey Gamaliel’s wise counsel.

One summer morning , back when I was still a layman, I was praying the Rosary in front of the Planned Parenthood abortuary at 16th and L Streets, N.W., Washington. A distraught young woman emerged from the building and began to talk to me about the ordeal in which she was involved.

This young lady had brought a friend for an abortion, and they botched it. The baby could not survive. But in the meantime her friend was in serious danger health-wise. They told the mother that she would have to go to a hospital and await an eventual stillbirth.

The young woman talking to me had suddenly come to realize: Abortion is something we are not meant to do. It is not swift and neat and simple. It is ugly and messy and unpredictable. The force of nature itself presses back at you.

Planned Parenthood 16th StI remembered that morning when I heard the news about the cruel “execution” that occurred Tuesday evening in Oklahoma. Granted, this man had committed a crime that deserved the severest punishment. But doesn’t this botched execution show us the same lesson that the young lady learned at 16th and L that morning—that this simply is not meant to be?

As the Bishop of Oklahoma City put it: “The execution of Clayton Lockett really highlights the brutality of the death penalty, and I hope it leads us to consider whether we should adopt a moratorium on the death penalty or even abolish it altogether.”

People try to defend abortion on all kinds of airy, theoretical grounds, like a woman’s “rights.” But when we confront what abortion actually involves, when we see how hard nature herself pushes back, we can’t help but see: God simply does not will this. We are obviously violating His will.

Same thing goes for lethal injection and all the other forms of the death penalty.

Back to the ’50’s: the Irony

Glad everyone had a fun weekend. Time to get serious.

Back to 1973?
Back to 1973?

On Friday, President Obama addressed the assembled solons of Planned Parenthood–which, we are now apparently supposed to believe, counts as a diversified women’s-health organization, similar in many ways to Carillion Hospital or the Missionaries of Charity. Forget that Planned Parenthood was founded in order to foster, was named after, and everyone thinks of as associated with: artificial contraception and abortion.

Anyhoo: the President castigated us* for “trying to bring back the 1950’s.”

So many ironies here that I am not sure my free blogging plan offers me enough gigabytes on the WordPress server for me to address them all. (SIDEBAR: When I finally get around to writing my memoirs, the title will be “The Man They Accused of Trying to Bring Back the 1950’s.”)


1. According to the President: reasonable, sober, respectful people recognize that Roe v. Wade settled this whole business a long time ago. Who do we think we are, questioning the Supreme Court of the United States of America? That’s like trying to go back the fifties.

But wait. Wasn’t it in 1963 that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote: a law that contradicts justice is no law at all? Of course, he cited authorities going back to the ’50’s–as in the zero zero fifties: the first Christians.

The incredibly hip Roe v. Wade court (most have since died of old age).
The incredibly hip Roe v. Wade court (most have since died of old age).

2. Now, back in the fifties (whichever fifties we mean), there were no sonograms. And our understanding of DNA was much more rudimentary than it is now. So it might have been possible for a reasonable scientist to try to identify some point in the development of the embryo/fetus/baby as “the moment” when human life began.

In fact, at the time of Roe v. Wade–back before: the internet was invented, cds were invented, or even the Apple II+ was invented; back before many of us were even conceived or born–way back then, some people tried to make the case that we could identify a point in the development of the child when he/she went from “a blob of cells”/”tissue” to “a person.”

But now we know more. We have more advanced techniques. We have deeper knowledge of these matters than anyone had back in the benighted days of the Ford Pinto, when Roe v. Wade was handed down. Today there is no neonatologist on earth who would say: ‘Yes, in my scientific opinion, this is the moment when human life begins (other than at conception).’

obama-prayingIf there were such a moment, things would be a lot more convenient for Planned Parenthood, for the Supreme Court, and for Rachel Maddow & Co. If such a moment existed, it would no doubt be emblazoned on plenty of coffee mugs and t-shirts which you could order from But no such moment exists.

So, who is stuck in the 50’s–or the 70’s? Mr. President, with all due respect for your advanced age, we don’t want to go back to the scientific ignorance of a generation ago! We want today’s knowledge and insights!

3. My impression is this: “Going back the 1950’s” means: going back to the time when a woman had to be ashamed of getting pregnant because of an act of sexual intercourse that she did not want to make–or could not look forward to as–a permanent aspect of her life. The idea is: Abortion on demand has freed women of this painful shame.

But who really deals in shame? Does the Pro-Life movement deal in shame? We are the ones who say: Look, there is nothing shameful about being pregnant. Being pregnant is good; being pregnant involves a beautiful baby! No problem here. Maybe there is something shameful about the way you got pregnant, but that really is between you and God and your pastor. That really is private. What isn’t private is the verifiable scientific fact that you are nourishing a new life in your womb, and God wills that the child have life and have it in abundance. We love you and we’re on your side. Nothing to be ashamed of, as far as having a baby in your womb goes. Together, let’s give this baby a good start in life!

Whereas Planned Parenthood says, for all intents and purposes: Look here, your pregnancy needs to be expunged from the face of the earth! The fact that you have a baby is a damned shame. What you did is so bad that the only answer is the homicide of this shameful child in your womb. We “love” you so much that we will make it all better for you by killing your child, your own flesh and blood. And if you feel bad about it, that’s only because the people who are trying to take the world back the ’50’s are laying a guilt trip on you. If you feel guilty about killing your baby, you really ought to be ashamed of that, too.

Which path offers the hope of liberation from shame? Seems pretty clear which one does.

Mr. President, you know what: You suck. Why don’t you take your blinders off, come out of the Neanderthal cave of falsehood, oppressive moral rigidity, and violence that Planned Parenthood has built (on the back of an original platform of white supremacy), and try to get a grip on reality? Love, Father Mark White
* “us” Catholics, Pro-Lifers, decent human beings who can read a sonogram