Wait a Minute… (Plus: Good, Good News)

Big East Georgetown

conclaveWait just a second here, Divine Providence.

Are you trying to tell me that the conclave and the Big-East tournament will start on the same day?

Lord, are you trying to give me a heart attack?

…That said, we could wind up with a Jewish Pope next week for all I care, because:

The Big East HAS BEEN SAVED!!!!!


From “Sports on Earth:”

[The Big East’s] backbone runs straight up and down I-95, as it should.

[Due to football-motivated conference aligment, disussed before HERE,] the Big East was in danger of becoming one of those great classic rock bands who lost the rights to its name because it fired the bass player who came up with the name. Georgetown-Villanova-Seton Hall-Providence deserved better than to become Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe.

yesThe Big East is about East Coast city schools where basketball is king…They have the downtown, what’s-football vibe… The Catholic angle has always been the spice, not the stock. The Big East is a basketball conference for basketball schools and basketball fans, not a Frankenstein lumbering after football dollars.

So now the husk of football has been sloughed off. The Big East is a beautiful butterfly with a shaky jumper but sharp elbows again.

Two thoughts, perhaps not of equal importance, but both of profound significance:

1. May the Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church do the will of God.

2. Syracuse v Georgetown