St. Cyril devised the alphabet which the Russians use. He died in Rome 1,142 years ago today.

St. Cyril’s tomb is in the church of St. Clement, near the Roman Coliseum.

In ancient times, there was a military barracks here. The soldiers used to worship their manly pagan god Mithras on this very spot.

Now it is a church of the true, triune God. The apse mosaic depicts the Holy Cross as the Tree of Life.

…Smells like spring around here. Hard to believe that one year ago today I was shoveling sixteen feet of snow in the parking lot at the corner of 11th and K Streets, N.E.

I miss Holy Name parish very much. But the plan of God has been favorable to its citizens: they are now in much more capable hands.

Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo is going to give me a new assignment somewhere near my hermitage. Hopefully I will be of some use to my fellow Mountain People.