Tuesday Morning Napoleon

Napoleon Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite

Our peace is found in God’s will.

He has given us talents to use. “Let your light shine so brightly before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven,” says the Lord.

People who know and love us help us to become aware of the talents we possess.

For example: anyskills.wav

Napoleon Dynamite is a pretty funny movie.

Here are a couple other good movies, worth checking out on DVD:

“One Night with the King” about Queen Esther

“Juno.” Wonderful pro-life movie, but with some bad words and references to sins. I loved this movie as much as I have loved any movie in a long, long time.

Speaking of bad words…if you don’t mind A LOT of them–and a lot of violence–“The Departed” is a good DVD to watch, assuming you are over 21. (Plus, you have to shield your eyes for one gratuitous impure scene.)

Alec Baldwin, notorious liberal and all-around objectionable individual
Alec Baldwin, notorious liberal and all-around objectionable individual

One of the most spirited spewers of bad words in that movie is Alec Baldwin. No one can curse with as much panache.

Not the most admirable man who ever lived. But one must give credit where it is due.

I haven’t watched Saturday Night Live in YEARS; it comes on WAY past my bedtime. If you are interested in such things as politicians appearing on the show, and Sarah Palin, and celebrity gossip, then I think you will find that Alec Baldwin actually makes a lot of sense in his recent blog-post. He is responding to fellow-lefties who criticized him for giving the time of day to the evil Sarah Palin and treating her like a legitimate human being.

Woman on the Ticket

When I heard that there was going to be a woman on the Republican ticket, I thought to myself: This has been done before. And I am not talking about Geraldine Ferraro…

At the time of St. Augustine, there was a heresy which held that it was impossible for Christ to have been born of something so undignified as a woman. The idea was that it was beneath the dignity of God to gestate in the womb. “God would not associate Himself with a woman in that way. He would not submit Himself to a woman. He must have appeared on earth without being born.” This was the idea.

St. Augustine acknowledged that God could have become man without being born of a woman. He could have appeared as a full-grown man. But, in fact, He was born of the Virgin Mary. This must therefore be significant; He must be saying something to us by being born of a woman.

St. Augustine did not hesitate to speak for Christ. This is how the proto-feminist preacher put it:

“It is as though he made them a little speech and said: ‘To show you that it is not any creature of God’s that is bad…I made them male and female. I don’t reject and condemn any creature that I made. Here I am, born a man, born of a woman…Let each sex take note of its proper honor, and each confess its iniquity, and each hope for salvation.”

Now, there obviously is a point at which the analogy between Sarah Palin and the Blessed Mother fails. Someday, perhaps, Sarah Palin will be a candidate not for vice-president, but for president. (Now we’re talking about a woman president…) On the other hand, there is no female Christ. St. Augustine taught that it would have been impossible for God to become a woman. I am not sure why he taught this, but I am not about to contradict the man who is quoted in the Catechism more than any other mortal.

Regardless of this, though–whether or not it is hypothetically possible for God to have become a woman–the fact of the matter is that He became a man. This is why only a man can be a priest, because the priest takes the place of Christ at the Holy Mass. But the Blessed Virgin Mary was on the ticket first—before St. Peter, St. Paul, Pope Benedict, yours truly, or Sarah Palin.  The good Lord Himself put a woman on the ticket first.