When a Tournament is Not a Tournament

Not wanting to jinx the chance for a Baltimore-Washington World Series, I pass by that subject without comment…

What really interests me: The finalization of the Georgetown Hoyas men’s basketball schedule!

I take great delight in the Hoyas desire to connect with their number-one fan. By playing multiple teams from southwest Virginia.

A game against Longwood College (ahem, Longwood University)? I could not make that up. And a game against Liberty University? Get outta here! But it’s true.

The Hoyas have scheduled contests with Farmville and Lynchburg, Virginia, opponents. These towns are beautiful satellites of my personal obscure Piedmont world. A scheduling miracle worked in my honor? Thank you.

But, I have a serious, a major, a huge beef with this schedule:

Also exciting in non-conference action: The prospect of the Hoyas competing in the Legends Classic “Tournament,” the finals of which will be played in the shiny brand-new Brooklyn Barclays Center!

NOT a tournament
But, wait. What’s this? Not really a tournament at all? The headline teams will play in the semifinals in Brooklyn even if they lose their regional games?

Yes. You read that correctly. Even if Liberty manages to beat Georgetown, no one from Lynchburg will go to Brooklyn. The Hoyas will play in the semifinals anyway. Why? Because, otherwise, the t.v. ratings will plummet, supposedly.

You know what, college basketball? You are beginning to suck eggs. You already suck in March. But I used to believe in you from November to February. Now you suck in November, too.

Tuesday Evening Quarterback

frank earnest

I have been on a nice, long hot-air balloon ride. Just got back, and I found my computer under a basket in the attic…

Let’s go back to the beginning of September:

eighth stationThe first part of the Redskins’ season was supposed to be easy.

After a near-certain loss to the Giants in the season-opener, it was supposed to be five gimmees before the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday, October 26.

Now the waning days of October are upon us. A whole lot of people are crooning the Redskins Blues.

But let us call to mind these words of our Lord:

Weep not for me but for your children. If this is what they do when the wood is green, what will they do when the wood is dry? (Luke 23:28,31)

Green wood (Weeks 2-6): Rams, Lions, Bucs, Panthers, and Chiefs
Dry wood (Wks 7-16): Eagles, Broncos, Cowboys, Saints, Giants, etc.

3-13 is a rosy scenario for this Redskins season. Pardon me while I get back in the balloon…

The Lord Jesus helped us out by explaining life in His perspicacious parables.

For example: The one about how we are like servants awaiting our master’s return. Here is how it begins:

Gird your loins, and light your lamps, and be like servants who await their master’s return from a wedding, ready to open immediately when he comes and knocks. (Luke 12:35-36)

The Lord is urging us to be ready for the Final Reckoning, of course. But there is more.

wedding cakeI had always thought that the master could have been gone for any reason. Gone for a wedding, or gone fishing, or gone to find better football players on another continent, or gone on a weather-balloon ride–whatever. The point is that he is gone, and he could return anytime.

But of course it matters where he is. There are no throw-away lines in the parables of Christ.

The Master has gone to a wedding.

He took our human nature up to heaven. The angels rejoice. God has betrothed the human race to Himself. The Bridegroom stretched out His arms on the cross and won His Bride, and now the heavens are drunk with sober joy. They are dancing and singing the canticle which is too sublime for sound.

When He returns, He will be coming from the heavenly wedding banquet. He will bring the dew of angelic festivity with Him when He comes. He will be wearing the smile of the happy, chaste groom.

A-Rod is OUT OF HIS MIND!!! (Click hot-link, and scroll down to 2009 post-season batting stats.)

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