Army of St. Pauls + Hoyas Opener!

A week from Sunday we will read about the Lord Jesus promising to help us evangelize. Like St. Paul evangelized. As we hear at Holy Mass today, St. Paul aspired to proclaim Christ to those who had never been told, to those who had never heard of Him. And as we also know, of course: St. Paul proclaimed Christ without fear.

st-paul-teachingAs we will discuss a week from Sunday, the Lord promised to give us the words. The Holy Spirit will work within our meager minds and move us to heroic acts of loving evangelization.

Because the world needs us to share the truth of Christ. The world right now needs an army of St. Pauls.

Mankind is a noble creature. America a splendid nation. Martinsville a beautiful, warm community. But without Christ it all gets sad and weird and silly.

Without Christ, life come down to nothing but noise and hustling for money and maybe a fully belly and streaming videos. In other words, life without Christ winds up brutish, desperate, and short.

du_georgetown_logoAnd if our neighbors don’t know the love of God, who deserves the blame? St. Paul refused to live in fear of any man, because God had made him a herald of divine love. He has made us heralds of divine love, too.


PS. Don’t forget that the Georgetown Hoyas’ season begins tomorrow morning in Seoul, South Korea.*

* At this very moment, it is already Saturday morning in Seoul. Even though it’s still Friday morning in Martinsville. So the game is this evening. But in Asia they play American college basketball games on Saturday mornings. So the first-ever American college basketball game in Korea will take place tomorrow morning. Later today.

Godly Bravado

If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

I think we hear this kind of calm bravado in the words of Christ, when He responded to the threat of Herod’s plan to kill Him.

jackolanternChrist did not fear. He declared His divine mission. He had come to Jerusalem in the name of the Lord.

He said that His mission would occupy today and tomorrow, and on the following day, it would be complete.

Today: trick or treating–with zombies and monster that we do not fear. The ancient pagans of the northern latitudes went so far as to offer human sacrifices on this dark night, when the gloom of winter arrived, so deep was their fear of death. But we Christians just eat candy and laugh with the children.

Tomorrow: All Saints Day.

The following day, maybe we can rest up and get over our colds.

The day after tomorrow, actually, is way too far in the future to worry about now. We trust our Lord Jesus. The day after tomorrow lies altogether in His hands. He will make it wonderful. The day after tomorrow might as well be the eternal day of resurrection. It lies in the great unknown future.

We believe in the day when everything will be complete, the holy Third Day. We hope for it. The day of resurrection and life, of health and peace and sunshine and a springtime that never ends.

The third day. In God’s hands.

Meantime, our business lies with today. Today we march on with faith. With the bravado of faith. Goblins, ghosts, skeletons, witches, creepy night-frighting things: we fear you not! Death and hell: We mock you. Our city lies above.


P.S. Now that the baseball season has ended, we can move on to the really important business of life. Big East basketball.

Providence Georgetown BasketballI know I whined like a spoiled child when the conference re-alignments began a couple years ago. But: Providence remains in the Big East. In more ways than one. In truth, I believe that the Lord has arranged for the best Big East ever. (Teams named for colors or for wolf-like dogs never added much anyway.)

Creighton may not be in the East. But they have a fun team. And what could be more exciting than having Butler in our conference? (Even if they don’t really have a good team this year.)

You know what I think the big story of Big East 2013-14 will be? St. John’s. The St. John glory days are coming back. And if someone other than the Hoyas have to win in Madison Square Garden, if it’s the Red Storm, I will not complain. I promise.

The one question I have is: Why do the Hoyas have to go back to Asia for another basketball game? Don’t they remember what happened the last time?