New Year

Sweet Hoya win over the team that embarrassed us twice in one week at the end of last season!

Makes a guy want to come clean for the foibles of ’09. Let me begin by acknowledging that:

1. I think I was unfair to Romeo and Juliet.

2. My sonnet about the Hoyas last February was kind of bitter.

…Here’s a New Year’s Day homily:

Christmas Day is such a holy and important day that it lasts for eight days. Christmas Day lasts from December 25 until today, New Year’s Day.

Everybody knows this. The greeting is: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” They go together, Christmas and New Year’s. They are the beginning and end of the annual celebration of the birthday of God.

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Exiting Earlier

Sean Evans and St. Johns flushed the Hoyas
Sean Evans and St. Johns flushed the Hoyas

Two years ago, Georgetown played until the day before Palm Sunday. They made it to the Final Four in the NCAA tournament, then lost to Ohio State on March 31.

Last year, the Hoyas played until Easter Sunday, when they suffered a bitter loss to Davidson in the second round on March 23.

This year, the Hoyas couldn’t even manage to play through two weeks of Lent.

Perhaps John Thompson III will write a book someday about the 2008-2009 season (or at least a nice long blog post). The defenestration of this year’s team is one of the inexplicable mysteries of sporting history. Youth and inexperience does not explain it. Some dark force has been at work.

May God save us all. Go Caps!

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