Non-Dome Above St. Robert

It's just a painting on the flat ceiling that looks like a dome.

It would have been too much to hope that the Lord would give us a second St. Thomas Aquinas, just when we needed him. But He did: St. Robert Bellarmine, S.J.

St. Robert died 390 years ago today, after having made mincemeat out of every false Protestant doctrine.

The saint’s mortal remains lie in the south transept of the church of St. Ignatius in Rome. Most churches in the city lift Roman domes into the sky. The church of St. Ignatius does not, but you think it does.

These Jesuits are full of neat tricks.

The Church of the Apostles

If you believe that Jesus is the Christ, then you want to be in the Church Christ founded, the Church of the Apostles.

hell tormentsThe question is: How can I be sure that I am in the Church of the Apostles?

The man who answered this question with the greatest skill died 388 years ago today.

The short answer: Be with the Pope.

If you are with the Pope, you can be sure you are in the Church founded by Christ.

Regrettably, very few of St. Robert Bellarmine’s many writings have been translated into English.

Hopefully, all of the saint’s answers to Luther, et al., will be available on the internet in English soon.