Desert Journey

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Of old, when the Lord liberated His people from slavery in Egypt, He did so in order to lead them to the Promised Land, flowing with milk and honey.

Now, how to get the Chosen People to the destination? …Which means of travel? …Can’t use a Boeing 787, because they have all been grounded due to safety concerns…

Now, God, being God, could have constructed a Transporter Room just east of the Red Sea on the Sinai Peninsula, and another one at the foot of Mt. Zion. He could have brought Scotty into the mix and beamed all the Israelites, six at a time, across the hundreds of miles. He could even have included a quick stopover on Mt. Sinai to receive His commandments.

But God, being infinitely wise, did not choose to do this. Rather, He led the Israelites through an enormously difficult desert journey, in which all their endurance, all their patience, all their greatness of spirit, and all their faith would be put to the supreme test.

If all that sounds a little bit like life on earth, well—that’s because it is. God did not unfold the events of the ancient covenant, nor did He write the Holy Scriptures, merely to entertain Himself. No, it all happened for the sake of our illumination, for our edification. He wrote the Bible in order to clarify for us, for you and for me, the (otherwise unknowable) fundamental direction of life, not to mention the (otherwise extremely mysterious) meaning of life.

Herve VillechaizeNow, why would the infinitely loving, unfathomably gentle, and incomparably generous Lord of heaven and earth put His beloved Chosen People to such a preposterously difficult test?

These poor souls wandered and wandered until they had calluses on top of their calluses. They lived through an extended Lent on a bread-and-water fast. Enemies surrounded them, appearing to loom over them, like a legion of Wilt Chamberlains closing in on a band of hobbits led by Hervé Villechaize.

It was rough. God demanded the purest faith from these people.

Like us. Like He demands the purest faith from us.

Why? Well, the short answer, when it comes to any question regarding God’s own motives, is: Because. Why? Because. Why? Because? Why? Because.

For the same reason that mom, having good, grown-up reasons for the rules she lays down, can justly answer her four-year-old in this manner—for the same reason, God may justly answer us in this way.

But He, in fact, has not answered us like this, even though He justly could. No, to the contrary, He clearly says:

Yes, my children, I want you to understand why I train you like a coach would train an aspiring Olympian. I want you to understand why I treat you like Yoda treated Luke. I want you to know why my leadership of my army of faithful souls makes Robert E. Lee leading his shoeless rapscallions into Maryland look like a cake-walk, like a patsy leading cats into a tuna factory… Here’s why; here’s why I am a harder man even than these:

Look at my Son. This Son of mine is the image of you and Me united in perfect love. This is what you are meant for. You can be pure like He is pure. You can be selfless like He is selfless. You can be grand exactly as He is grand.

Just trust Me. Keep walking. The destination you will reach is the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.

Game Seven!!! Plus, Trekkies Rejoice

Capitals Penguins HockeyCaps had to get a win in Pittsburgh. It was a serious nailbiter. And they won it!

Now the series returns to Washington for the deciding game on Wednesday evening. Huge.

..The other thing I forgot to tell you is that the new Star Trek movie is delightful.

It will satisfy anyone with fond memories of the original series.

Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy is the most brilliant casting in recent memory.

The movie is not for everyone. There is one dumb racy scene–thankfully very brief. A little bit too much noise and special effects. And the plot gimmick that allows for a certain cameo–well, it’s not the most plausible thing ever. But the cameo is worth it, well worth it…(Close your eyes if you want to be surprised when you see the move–in other words, don’t click)

Karl Urban

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A Career Begins

Roman lark
Roman lark

This is still St. Paul’s year. As of late, we have been ignoring him shamefully.

Today at Holy Mass we read the beginning of the Apostle’s first missionary sermon. (Tomorrow we will read more of it.)

Or, rather, we should say: Acts 13 contains his first recorded missionary sermon.

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