Valentine’s Day Miracle

Orange "flush"
Orange "flush"

The miracle is that the Hoyas scored as many points as Syracuse after forty minutes of play.

It is only right that the Orange won in overtime, because they dominated the Hoyas. They named Onuaku the game MVP, but in my opinion it was Dievendorf’s five threes that killed us. I am still at a loss as to how the Hoyas managed to put the game into overtime.

Apparently, there are many provisions in the “economic stimulus package” which regulate health care. I have heard that one of these will require a cost-benefit analysis for expensive procedures. The years a patient could be expected to live would be assigned a monetary value. Then this amount would be measured against the cost of the procedure.

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I do not know if this provision has in fact been enacted into law. Perhaps a knowledgeable P. & B. D. reader could chime in on that question.

marmionThe idea of measuring the years of a person’s life in dollars reminded me of something Bl. Columba Marmion wrote about the priesthood:

The goal for a priest is for an unbeliever to consider his life utterly worthless.

The priesthood only makes sense by the light of faith. Without faith, a priest’s life appears to be a complete and total waste.

So my goal is: When it comes time for health-care dollars to be allocated according to a cost-benefit analysis of productivity and quality of life, I hope the experts will value my life at no more than $5.00 per year.

My health-care allowance will cover two tubes of toothpaste annually (or one tube, plus dental floss). If it’s more than that, then I have not been following my vocation properly.