Perfect Offering

Then the sacrifice of Judah and Jerusalem will please the Lord.
–Malachi 3:4

Today is a great day to say Holy Mass. One of the prayers the priest prays today includes:

“You have given us this memorial [the Mass] as the perfect form of worship.”

He gave us the Mass on Holy Thursday, of course–so why do we say this prayer right before Christmas?

It is true that the Mass was instituted in the springtime of our Lord’s 33rd year on earth.

But the preparations for the Holy Sacrifice began long before that…

It started in the Garden of Eden, when God made us with a desire for Himself. He made us want to offer something to please Him. He made us religious.

He called Abraham to offer a sacrifice. He gave the Israelites the Passover and all the sacrifices of the Temple.

The holy Victim of the Mass is the Incarnate Word of God. The Word became incarnate on Annunciation Day, when the Blessed Virgin said yes to the Archangel. There would be no Mass without that day.

And Christmas is a special day for priests to reflect on our role in the Mass. We priests get to cradle Christ in our hands at the altar, like the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph did on Christmas.

So Christmas is the perfect day for priests to give thanks to God for the Holy Mass…

Jeremy Lin
…Unusual Wednesday noon game today for the Hoyas.

Harvard is by no means an easy opponent.

They have a Chinese-American phenom. They beat Boston College and almost beat Connecticut.

Hoyas need to bounce back from Saturday’s bone-cruncher with a solid win. Root hard, people! Chvotkin has the call on AM 980…

…I was thinking about ‘favorite Bible verses.’ Here is an encore presentation of one of the funniest comedy routines ever:

Candles and the Light Side

votive candlesMany candles are burning for tonight’s do-or-die face-off in the Igloo.

The problem is that the Penguins’ fans seem to light more candles than the Caps’ fans…

…Perhaps you are well acquainted with comedian Tim Hawkins.

Hermes or Paul?
Hermes or Paul?
If, however, you are not:

The reading at today’s Holy Mass from the Acts of the Apostles narrates the most comical episode in Scripture.

Allow me, therefore, to take the occasion to introduce you to the comic genius of our generation (with thanks to my parishioners who introduced him to me):

This man is unbelievably funny.

He spoofs popular songs. My favorite is his video spoof of Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel.”

(For maximum comic effect, click the link and watch at least a few seconds of Carrie Underwood first, then…)

If you are a Plain White T’s fan, you will enjoy this one:

There is much, much more.