“You are the Christ”


The Lord Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do you say that I am.”  St. Peter replied, “You are the Christ.”  With this answer, St. Peter said the most important thing that has ever been said.  Jesus being the Christ means three all-important things for us.



First, His being the Christ means that Jesus is our High Priest.  His sacrifice of His own Body and Blood pleases the Almighty Father.  Christ has restored the human race to God’s friendship.  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the sacrifice of Christ’s Body and Blood.  If we did not have this sacrifice to offer, we would have no hope for glory.  With it, we look forward to eternal life.


Second, His being the Christ means that the Lord Jesus is our teacher.  Everything that He said is enlightening; His words are the words of God.  He has taught us that there is a kingdom of heaven, and He has shown us how to get there.  There are many different things for us to learn as we make our way through life, but none of them are anywhere near as important as learning the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Third, because the Lord Jesus is the Christ, He is our King.  Having conquered death and ascended to heaven, He reigns supreme.  He is in charge; we are His servants.  He does not expect us to know everything; He does not expect us to be able to see into the future.  He has a plan for all things to come to fulfillment, and the plan will unfold as He sees fit.  What He expects from us is that we report for duty every day.  If we mess up, we owe Him a humble apology in Confession.  He forgives us, and we move on and continue to try to serve Him well.


“You are the Christ.”  Let us make St. Peter’s answer our own.  The Lord Jesus is our priest, teacher, and king.  To Him be glory and honor forever.