Castel Gandolfo, DE

I am heading out for my summer retreat. Unlike the Pope’s gorgeous Castel Gandolfo in the Alban Hills, the location of my annual August holidays is…

1. rented

2. does not house any medieval tapestries

Nonetheless, I intend to try to follow in our Holy Father’s footsteps and avoid idleness. Don’t look for homilies here the next couple of weeks. But my plan is to write a few little essays about the Roman Missal.

Perhaps they will be of interest, considering the upcoming publication of a new English translation, to be used starting November 27.

On that subject, herewith an item from the Amusing file…

The U.S. Conference of Bishops has published a handy guidebook to help us make the transition to the new English version of the Mass prayers.

The guidebook includes a helpful glossary of English terms. These words will sound out from the altar beginning on November 27. But Catholics may not be familiar with these terms, because they have not been heard in church for quite a while.

Among the words in the glossary: chalice, cherubim, homage, venerate, and…damnation.

We implore your clemency, O ineffable Godhead, thrice-holy, Lord of thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers! Mercifully vouchsafe Thy blessing upon Thy contrite children!