Paisans Rule! Plus: Romeo, Juliet, and the Priest

I know that I am risking a few canceled subscriptions here, but…

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Tedious Book, Interesting Review

being-catholic-nowLet me freely acknowledge that I have not read this book. I have no intention of reading it.

I have read other books like it before. I do not understand them–I mean, I do understand them, but I don’t.

If someone is famous and also Catholic, does that make him or her a credible authority on our holy religion?

But I have not read the book, so I will keep my peace.

I will say this, though: The review of this book in the Washington Times is very interesting. A prominent Episcopalian reviews this book by Catholics about the Catholic Church.

Mr. Murchison has a different perspective on family squabbles among Catholics. His take on the whole thing is rather edifying.

Don’t get me wrong: The truth is of course the truth. When in doubt, it is more prudent to be with the Pope.

What Murchison points out, though, is that strong feelings one way or the other are better than the alternative. It is better to be wrong than not to care.