Retiring These…New Bests Above

Best Movie Villain Ever: Darth Vader

Best Chewing Gum:
Wrigley Doublemint

Best Single-Malt Scotch: Lagavulin

Best Plate of Pasta: Spagetti Carbonara

Best Skyscraper: Chrysler Building

Best Pet: None

Best Neil Diamond Song: Sweet Caroline

Best Comic Relief in the History of Theater: When Constable Elbow and Froth enter Angelo’s court in Act II, Scene 1 of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure

Best John Paul II Encyclical:
Fides et Ratio

second best: Evangelium Vitae

third best: Veritatis Splendor

fourth best: Redemptor Hominis

3 thoughts on “Retiring These…New Bests Above

  1. Where do I begin, my dear misguided brother?
    Best movie villain: Curly Bill Brocius in “Tombstone”
    Best chewing gum: Big Red
    Best plate of Pasta: Linguine w/ white clam sauce
    Best Single Malt Scotch: MacAllen, with Balveny (sp?) a close second.
    Best Neil Diamond song: “Thank the Lord for the Night Time”
    Good picks on the JPII encyclicals.

  2. I have great respect for both of you, two of my favorite Fathers….But, ….
    Best Neil Diamond song: Brooklyn Roads; and while we’re at it…
    Best Neil Diamond album: Hot August Night.

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