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Compendium of Posts for the End of Roe v. Wade

Rodney-King Trial Posts, in Honor of J. K. White

St. Thomas’ Summa Contra Gentiles, Book IV, podcast series

“Mr. Bates’ Letters” Homilies from the Bishop-Imposed Blog Hiatus

old-booksHomilies on the Seven Deadly Sins
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Homilies on St. Paul’s Letters to the Corinthians
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Homilies on St. Paul’s Letters to the Philippians, Thessalonians, Colossians

Homilies on St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Homilies on the Reasons for the Incarnation

Synthesis of Pope Benedict’s Message to the United States

Shakespeare Compendium

Homilies on the American Sins identified by Pope Benedict

Summary of Pope Pius XII Mystici Corporis

The Bertrand Russell Case:

1. Introduction 2. Enemy of the Faith
3. Russell Errors I: Natural Law 4. Ravisher of Altars
5. Veritas in Caritate

Homilies on John 6

John 10 Compendium

Holy Land Pilgrimages Compendium

Metaphysics of Morals and Ecclesiastical Punishments

Roman Missal Posts

Parables Compendium

HHS Mandate and Fortnight for Freedom Compendium

Civil War Compendium

Vatican II Compendium

Same-sex “Marriage” Compendium

Poems Compendium

Sermons on Some Objects of Faith

New-Evangelization Trust Homilies

Sabbath Compendium (attached to a homily)

MLK Posts Compendium

St. Maria Goretti Posts Compendium

Synod on the Family and Amoris Laetitia Compendium