Making Some Noise in this Democracy


Yes, we won.

But I rest my case about #17. (Zero t.d.’s)…

Long-term readers will remember that, one year ago, Archbishop Wuerl insisted that we priests make certain points in our Sunday homily. He did it because prominent Catholic politicians had misrepresented the teaching of the Church.

wuerlHis Grace had to insist again today that we priests within the city limits make certain points.

Faithful readers also may recall that P&BD recently published a Q&A about “same-sex marriage.”

It appears that the D.C. City Council will soon act on this matter.

Here is your humble servant’s homily for today…

“Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me.” (Mark 9:37)

The Lord Jesus taught us that we must become like little children. We must depend on Him for everything, like a little child depends on his mother and father.

Children are utterly dependant on their mothers and fathers. When we human beings come into this world, we are defenseless, and we don’t know anything. We need loving care and instruction.

babyThis is why the good Lord gave us the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Marriage binds man and woman in the beautiful union that both produces children AND offers children the right environment to grow up in.

This parish is full of long, faithful marriages. (Not that anyone here is old.) The world is full of long, faithful marriages. They all testify to the goodness of God. We salute all faithful spouses! You are an inspiration.

Archbishop Wuerl told us priests in Washington what we had to preach about today. He told us what to say.

Let me first remark that I think it is a strange day indeed when the poor Archbishop and all of us priests within the city limits have to remind everyone that you cannot have a marriage without one man and one woman.

Who would have thought that the day would come in Washington, D.C., when the Catholic Church would have to remind the leaders of the city about the basic birds and the bees? The day has arrived. We live in strange times.

mlk marchingThe Lord Jesus has taught us to become like little children. Let us try to see things from the point-of-view of children. The way to look at the idea of “same-sex marriage” is through the eyes of a child.

There are some misguided people who claim that “gay rights” are a matter of justice, like the civil rights struggle. But that is focusing on the wrong citizens. When it comes to marriage and family life, the people with the rights are children.

Listen–forgive me. I have to say things that are as obvious as the fact that the sky is blue. Unfortunately, in these strange times, we have to insist on these things:

Every child has a right to be conceived in his mother’s womb. Every child has a right to be born from the womb of his real mother. Every child has a right to be raised in a stable home with a mother and father. Every child has a right to a mother and a father.

We know that bad things can happen. Mothers and fathers can die prematurely or have serious problems. Sometimes children have to grow up without a mother or a father. It is a hard, painful thing. But God forbid that we would ever do this to a child on purpose. God forbid that we would ever deprive a child of mother or father intentionally.

ME_SCHOOLSThe most grave responsibility society has is to our children. The people whose rights count the most are children. We all share the responsibility of vindicating the rights of defenseless children.

So: Do not give me nonsense about gay men or gay women having some kind of right to get married. That right does not exist. Do not give me nonsense about anyone having the right to go to a sperm bank and a lab and bring a child into the world who has no way of knowing who his real parents are.

We do not hate gay people. It is un-Christian to treat anyone unkindly. The Lord Jesus loves everyone, including people who struggle with attraction to members of the same sex. He has a plan to get everyone to heaven. He gives everyone the strength and grace we need to do the right thing, to be chaste according to one’s state in life. God knows we all need His help to do this.

Some people will ask us: What difference does it make to you if two gay people try to get married? What does it have to do with you? Just live and let live. Be tolerant.

Dear brothers and sisters, this is not the real question at hand here. The real question is: Why would anyone feel the need to change laws that have existed since the Garden of Eden? What is the point? Gay people already have all the rights everyone else has. There is nothing keeping people from buying property with whomever they choose, or having whomever they choose at their deathbed, or leaving things in their wills to whomever they choose.

marriage_sacramentThe question is not, Why are you Christians so concerned about this? We are not the ones trying to change a law that has stood firm since the beginning of time. The question is: Why is the Council and the mayor trying to force this unjust sacrilege on our city?

It is pointless, it is unjust, and it is a sacrilege. People wonder why we care–but we do not judge anyone. God is the judge of souls. We do not condemn anyone. We want to live in peace, with God and with each other. What we care about is: We do not want the very laws of our city to offend God.

God has given us Holy Matrimony as a sacred trust. He started it in the Garden of Eden. On the Cross, the Bridegroom of the human race turned marriage into a source of heavenly grace. All of us have been born out of this gift of God. The birds and the bees is a beautiful thing, when we live it out faithfully under the loving care of the heavenly Father.

We are not bashing anybody. The Church is the friend of every man. But we cannot stand by when something so sacred as marriage is transformed into an adolescent charade. We cannot be silent when the leaders of our city step into the public square and thumb their noses at God. No. We will make some noise about this.

It is our right to say our piece in this democracy.

We say that there is only one way to get married—the way that God invented.

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