Simple Religion and the Trinity

What do we RCs say at the very beginning of Mass? “In the name of…”

The thing about the most sublime mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is: it is actually very, very simple. Religion of the simplest kind leads us right into the life of the Trinity.

Let’s start at the beginning. Wherever we are, no matter what is happening, whether there are other human beings with us or not… —Who is always there? Who is always with us, because He is everywhere, and knows everything?

…Now, where is everybody from? Who is from Hannibal, Missouri, like Mark Twain? Who is from Hampton Roads, like Allen Iverson? London, England–like Samuel Johnson? New York City, like Jonathan Goldsmith? How about Vancouver, British Columbia?

samuel-johnsonBut Who made us? Who put us here on this earth?

He is where we are really from.

I mean, I could say, ‘I’m from Poughkeepsie,’ or ‘I’m from Corpus Christi,’ or ‘I’m from the Province of Shanxi.’ But where I am really from is God. God is my Almighty Father. We all have God for our Father. We’re not all from Mexico. Be we are all from God.

Now, Who is the Son of God?

Jesus always loved His Almighty Father. He always did what His Father in heaven wanted Him to do. Jesus did what the Father wanted when it was fun–like when the Father wanted Jesus to spend time with friends and talk to them. And Jesus did the will of the Father when it was not fun—like when He allowed Himself to be crucified.

In other words, Jesus was perfectly religious. And, in the end, where did Jesus go?

To heaven, back home, to where He came from, to His Father.

Now, being religious like Jesus has to do with the inside, right? I mean, we go to Mass and find ourselves together in church—on the outside, anyway.

But all some people can think about is clothes, or gossip, or what’s for lunch today? or when will Father finally stop talking? That’s not really being in church on the inside. The church belongs to God; we go to church to be with God, to pay attention to God.

The only way to be with God is to be with Him on the inside.

Trinity ShieldLet’s think about what Jesus was like on the inside. Jesus knew His Father in a way that we cannot even imagine now. We believe in God; Jesus can see God–He always could.

When Jesus walked the earth, He had inside Himself an infinite love and an infinite wisdom. He possessed indescribable strength and power, yet He wielded it with meekness, with patience, with kindness. He acted with righteousness and zealously spoke the truth. But He never injured an innocent heart, and He loved most the suffering and struggling people.

In other words, when Jesus walked the earth, He lived with the perfect godliness, the perfect love. His love, the love of Jesus Christ, is God’s own love, the Holy Spirit.

The most sublime mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. Not complicated. Christ reveals it all; Christ is, so to speak, the center of the mystery.

And if the altar—the altar of Christ, the altar of His Body and Blood—if this altar is the center of our lives; if we live to be at the altar with Jesus—then we, too, will be living the most sublime mystery of the Holy Trinity. Simply living it. We will be children of our Father, filled with His Son’s holy love.

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