More Sermon on the Mount

Gospel reading at Holy Mass today seems eerily familiar. We just heard it at Sunday Mass 3 ½ weeks ago.

“I am the Lord, your God.” That sentence is enough, really, to indicate to us the demands of Christian morality. The Sermon on the Mount just spells things out in detail to make it easier for us.

Do not murder, do not despise, do not yell at people, do not so much as nurse the smallest grudge. Why? Because God above will judge justly. We do not know how to do that. Judging people is above our pay-grade. We are much better-suited to kneeling down and begging God for mercy.

Sermon_on_the_Mount_Fra_AngelicoAlso, the Lord, our God, will provide. Sin duda. So we need not fight among ourselves. We need not contend for what we think we ought to have, to get it out of the hands of someone else. God will give us all what we need. Our job is to be friends, as best we can. So we can praise the heavenly Father together in peace.

Then we get to go to heaven. The scribes and the Pharisees fought with each other about how to be righteous, and they never conceived of the heaven that God has prepared for those who love Him.

But Lord Jesus makes promises of an altogether higher order: I am the Lord your God Who gives heaven. Stop fighting. Make a humble peace. Why fight over the petty things of this pilgrim life when you could be walking towards heaven together?

One thought on “More Sermon on the Mount

  1. Father Mark,

    Rather than comment on your take on the sermon on the mount, I’d like to draw attention to the fact that Fra Angelico, who lived from 1395 to 1455, clearly shows the horizon as circular in his picture of the sermon, a good long time before Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Americas (which, of course, weren’t the Americas at the time). Reading Wikipedia on the Flat Earth concept is fascinating ( ). How soon we forget how wrong we can be.

    In God we trust.



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