Holy Temple Visit with Ezekiel

The river that refreshes the salty wastes of this world flows from God
.  From the true Temple of God:  Jesus Christ.  From His body, life-giving water flows—that is, the Holy Spirit.

Baltimore Catechism sacramentsThe season of Lent makes sense when we recognize it’s true foundation:  the experience of catechumens preparing for Holy Baptism at the Easter Vigil.  All of us live Lent by asking ourselves:  “If I myself were going to become a Christian this Easter; if I were going to pass over from the life that ends in death to the eternal life of Christ, what would I do to prepare myself for that?”

The ceremonies the Church celebrates with the Elect who are preparing for Baptism make sense when we keep in mind that the goal of Christian initiation is:  communion in Christ’s Body.  From His Body, the water of eternal life flows.

All the sacraments flow from the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.  First Baptism and second Baptism—which is?  …Confirmation, Anointing, Orders, and Matrimony:  all of them serve one fundamental purpose.  To make us spiritually ready to eat Jesus’ immortal flesh.

What could be more exciting than the last few weeks of preparation for an encounter with God like Ezekiel had at the Temple?  When we keep the Paschal Solemnity of Christ’s death and resurrection, we stand at the gate of the eternal Temple of God.  The river of living water flows out from Jesus’ crucified and risen body.  We stand there like Ezekiel, seeing the water refresh the world.


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