Four Walls to Pray In


mainly of local interest to St. Gerardians in Roanoke, Virginny…  esp. click: Trinidad 2016

God has poured His divine love into our hearts, through the Holy Spirit, as St. Paul tells us. God, the infinite, triune love, “takes delight in the human race.” He fashioned us in His own ineffable image. God has made us His friends, opening His mind and heart to us by sending His Son, the divine Word made flesh. Made human; made one of us. He gave us the mysteries of His Body and Blood, for us to celebrate together, surrounded by four walls, gathered at His altar.

We human beings can unite. Sometimes it seems impossible. Sometimes the antipathies and misunderstandings which separate us from one another seem overwhelming. How can this race that fights and argues and alienates each other, with petty meanness—how can we come together as one family?

In Christ. In His Body. In the Holy Mass, we are one, the children of one Father. Church: church is true communion and love, patience and forbearance with each other. Church is hope for humane manners and open communication. Church means that we can be better than our selfishness and laziness, better than our petty insecurities. The Mass lifts up our fallen selves and makes us who we were made to be.

I have much more to tell you. I hope you can bear it now. God delights in the human race. The very same human race that cannot operate without funds. Church means communion. Someday, communion will come free and easy. But now, in this fallen state, we need money. Church means making financial sacrifices to serve the mission God Himself has given us.

We have a plan here for St. Gerard’s. Many people have come together to formulate it. The centerpiece of the plan: that we would pray in this building in the way that it was originally designed to be prayed in—with the Blessed Sacrament as our rising sun, with everyone facing the Sun together.

We need money. We need everyone to make a serious sacrifice in this campaign. We need everyone to continue to give just as much in the weekly collection, and also pledge that same amount also to this Living Our Mission campaign. Double the giving, in other words. If everyone does that, we will make our goal, and we’ll be able to do the work that we have set out to do.

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