Whose Future is it?

unbornForty-five years ago today: Roe v. Wade.

On the one hand: To many of us it seems obvious that procured abortion involves the snuffing-out of an innocent life. All of us began to be “human” at the moment of our conception in our mothers’ wombs. The more science studies prenatal life, the more Neanderthal does the reasoning of Roe v. Wade appear.

On the other hand: Many others consider it obvious that the freedom to choose for oneself must trump all disagreements about when human life begins. The freedom to choose must trump all disagreements about what God wills. If pregnant women could not procure abortions when they decided to do so, this would not truly be a free country, according to these presuppositions. “Authority” cannot legitimately interfere with family matters.

–But what about the pictures on the ultrasound?! What about the unique and unrepeatable DNA?! What about all the support that pro-life pregnancy centers can and do offer any pregnant woman willing to reckon with the truth?!

None of that touches the point, the other side would say. At least, I think that’s what the other side would say. None of that reaches the heart of the matter. This disagreement doesn’t have to do with scientific facts or practical problems, like who’s going to pay for the diapers. This disagreement has to do with God.

Or, to be more precise: It has to do with, Who is God? Many, many people—the spiritual sons and daughters of the 20th century—these people consider it perfectly obvious that the god of this world is Man. After all, we see no other. Man must control his own future. Man must make life comfortable for himself. Who else will? The realistic person acknowledges that man has no heavenly protector—so man must protect himself!

Problem is that this desperate battle that man fights to make life comfortable for himself inevitably leads to violence. When all we see is a violent cosmos in which life has to fight to survive, then we wind up considering human acts of violence to be par for the course.

Yes, we pro-lifers have science on our side. But, fundamentally, what we stand for is this: God will provide. The future of the human race does not ultimately lie in our hands. It lies in much better hands. We can reckon with the uncomfortable facts of reality–like the fact that many babies face an insecure future—we can reckon with all this, and not have recourse to violence, because we trust in God.

So: May we always trust Him. May we always welcome the strangers and sojourners that He sends. May we never do violence because we can’t find comfort in our future prospects. The future does not belong to us. It belongs to Someone much better.


4 thoughts on “Whose Future is it?

  1. Read an article in the Lepanto Institute dated 1/12/2018 entitled “Pope Francis Awards Architect of Safe Abortion Fund with Pontifical Honor.” The recipient is Lilianne Ploumen who is a pro abortion/gay advocate. She was honored with the title of Commander in the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory The Great. Is the Catholic Church against abortion or does the Pope’s action shown a scandalous shift in Catholic Doctrine?

  2. I read this article myself,I forget where I saw it, I said self,Can this be REAL what I am reading? Enough Said.

  3. The picture is just as profound as your words, Father. Thank you on this day that we celebrate the sanctity of life. And thank you, President Trump for acknowledging this day.

  4. The blood sacrifices by the millions to Satan via procured abortion is disgusting enough, but what of the millions more of these same blood sacrifices offered up daily by women using contraceptive measures denying their child connect to their uterine wall? These babies are just as murdered but the ‘mothers’ in question are clueless of their heinous crime/s. How terrifying it must be to leave this world and be made fully aware you have slain your own child/children silently, privately and it NO secret? And it too late to seek Sacrament of Reconciliation! “The love of money is the root of all evil” is true enough, but consider that abortion has been the foundation of poverty and war for thousands of years. The sons of Adam have failed the daughters of Eve just as Adam failed Eve by NOT holding her to the higher standard God established. He just stood there during the temptation and said nothing when as chief steward of The Garden, action his part was wanted, eg, “Eve! Get behind me and leave that nasty thing alone. You are MY helpmate and I will not share you!” Clearly, Adam failed to hold himself to the higher standard. His sons still fail to cleave to one woman REQUIRING her fidelity to him alone. The men who do cleave to one woman and do require her fidelity have quiet in their home with an unsurpassed ally in life to whom he can entrust all he has.

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