Fifth Sunday of Lent English Video

We had some technical difficulties. Which makes this video perfect for people who tend to arrive for the 4:30 Mass at about 4:40, or for the 10:30 Mass at about 10:40 🙂



I mentioned at the Offertory: please mail in your offering, if you like. Or you can stop by the church and leave an offering in the basket. (Both churches remain open during normal Mass times, and during the week.)

Also, anyone can give on-line by visiting Choose either St. Francis of Assisi, Rocky Mount (556) or St. Joseph, Martinsville (572).

2 thoughts on “Fifth Sunday of Lent English Video

  1. Dear friends, In trying to combine youtube and Facebook live steams, I ran into a hiccup. (it worked this morning)… oh well. I will post a full recording of the mass as soon as the video is complete. It should be up by 6:15pm on both FB pages and on Youtube.

  2. Bernadette, thank you for handling this. It meant so much to “be” at Mass with Fr. Mark. I watched the delayed broadcast…tried at 3pm and was unsuccessful. So happy when I came back to computer a short time ago and there it was, just waiting for me. And thanks to Fr. Mark for his homily, as always.
    Judy R.

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