Peaceful Demonstration: Plan to Join Me

Justice Demonstration

Every year, the bishop and priests gather to celebrate Mass together. We priests re-affirm our solemn promises. It’s called the Chrism Mass, after the holy oil consecrated during the liturgy.

sacredheartcathedralrichmondThis year, our Chrism Mass will occur in the evening of Friday, July 10, at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, 823 Cathedral Place, Richmond VA 23220.

On May 5, Bishop Knestout prohibited me from publicly celebrating the sacraments, so I cannot participate. The injustice cries to heaven.

I will stand in silent vigil on the sidewalk immediately outside the Cathedral, beginning at 5:00pm.

Please stand with me. Acompañame, por favor.

Plan to take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

Justice for Father Mark will offer free transportation by van from both Rocky Mount and Martinsville, departing at 11:45am and returning about 11pm. Join the facebook group page to receive further information.


13 thoughts on “Peaceful Demonstration: Plan to Join Me

  1. …”scandal and harm to the Christian faithful.” Hmmm. As if the abuse and cover-up of the abuse of children over decades and likely centuries isn’t scandalous and harmful but your sharing official communications is? Sickening. Shame on anyone who defends this bishop’s actions in this matter.

  2. This. Is. A. Perfect opportunity to. Advise. The. Other catholics. If. What. Is. Going. In.this. sad horrible. Times. As a sidenote.when. I worked. in Richmond i attended a chrism mass as it. Ended the late bishop walter Sullivan said to the you leave support these men i their journey. To be really naive that was the. First time i ever recall hearing a priest referred to. In the term of being human and desiring. Our help. And devotion .i made a vow to do so. I hope i have. I cannot. Go. Please. sign. Up..

  3. EVERY Catholic who cares about free speech in the church should join this demonstration. No bishop has the right to shut down a priest’s blog.
    Ann White

  4. I will be attending – this is the time to speak loudly on the injustice Father Mark is receiving. What Will be loud is our respectful quiet presence with Our Lady’s Rosary in hand for medative prayer. See you all there.

  5. I wish I could be there. I live in Illinois. I am praying for you and I am with you in spirit. God protect you with His Armor
    Elisabeth Brueckner

  6. Fr. White, are you going to ignore my earnest questions? I will re-post them once more. I elaborated on these questions under your June 15th blog entry entitled: “The Parish Church, Viganò, and Nathan Doe.”

    (1) Do you disagree with the philosophical insight [which has always been taught by the Catholic Church] that: “man is a political form by nature”? If you do not, why can’t you agree that there exists “a contest between good and evil in politics”? Is there a principle in Catholic doctrine you think you are defending?

    (2) You suggested that Vigano leads the faithful to “Donatism” because he persistently voices the idea that the current “bureaucracy” of the Catholic hierarchy is compromised. [For those who do now know, Donatism is a heresy that posits clergy must be “faultless” for their ministry to be effective and their prayers and sacraments to be valid]. This is a non-sequitur fallacy if I’ve ever seen one! The testimony of Vigano does not address the validity of Catholic sacraments. Vigano’s persistent claims regard “theological” and “homosexual” compromise within the ranks of the hierarchy. Benedict XVI admitted of “theological” and “homosexual” corruption among the bishops in April 2019 letter on sex abuse. In your June 15 entry, you failed to provide any logical premise for your assessment. Why do you claim Vigano veers towards “Donatism”?

    1. I appreciate the questions, dear Socrates. Sorry for taking a little while to answer.

      I think maybe I did not express myself well initially regarding Abp. Vigano’s political analysis. I do not disagree with the principle you cite. I simply disagree with the specifics of Abp. Vigano’s analysis. Yes, we always find ourselves involved in a contest between good and evil in politics. I don’t agree, however, with the specific ways in which Abp. Vigano identifies the parties in that contest. I believe that we have a profound problem with racism in this country, which we have to face earnestly. The political groups trying to engage the issue are acting in earnest, not as props of some hidden, sinister agenda. That’s where I disagree with Abp. Vigano’s political analysis.

      I think I explained why Abp. Vigano’s analysis of the Church seems like Donatism to me. You’re right to point out that Vigano has not questioned the validity of any particular prelate’s sacramental ministry. But denouncing a sitting Archbishop as a “false shepherd” without providing much concrete evidence to support the charge? I don’t see how that helps. The idea of a “deep Church” seems like a dangerous novelty of an idea to me. The Lord founded the Church with the four marks, governed by the successor of St. Peter. A particular bishop or bishops may in fact belong to a compromised bureaucracy; in fact, the evidence sits before us demonstrating the existence of just such a compromised bureaucracy. But I prefer to deal only with common-ground evidence, measured against objective moral criteria about which we have a clear consensus.

  7. Political idolatry is not Christianity. There is good and evil in cartoons and fairy tales, but it is not Catholic doctrine. Not all men are rational animals. There are dumb animals who are not fit to teach. We are called to be little Christs, not little politicians. We have dogma straight from God for guidance, not cable news and politics. Religion in the United States was formed in heresy and Protestantism from its conception. They hate Catholics, and they always have in this country. They have always hated Catholic immigrants and honest dogma from God. That is why this country has produced more heresy and evangelical garbage than Luther could have ever conceived. Disobedience and idolatry reign supreme in the United States, mostly from so-called evangelical “Christians.” The “deep state” conspiracy nonsense lamented by Vigano to a politician who prefers pornography and golf on Sundays to Church, and throws money on a communion tray says enough about Vigano’s loyalty. We have all seen the photographic evidence prior to 2013 and the glowing speeches from Vigano to McCarrick. Reality speaks for itself to sane people. I do not appreciate the lack of logic trying desperately to link itself to Thomism or traditionalism. It is an insult to Aquinas and the Church. All Catholics of reputable character know these simple facts to be true … Vigano is in open rebellion and out of communion with Rome. It appears he prefers evangelical Protestants like Trump and Kim Davis to Catholics. I am sticking with Catholic leaders.

  8. M. Spencer in response to your comment below. 54 years ago, starting at the age of 13 and continuing for 3 years, I was raped and sexually assaulted by my parish priest. I support Bishop Knestout. You are certainly entitled to your own opinion but who are you to judge those who disagree with you? You might shame me but I am not ashamed.

    …”scandal and harm to the Christian faithful.” Hmmm. As if the abuse and cover-up of the abuse of children over decades and likely centuries isn’t scandalous and harmful but your sharing official communications is? Sickening. Shame on anyone who defends this bishop’s actions in this matter.

  9. I am in total agreement with Cynthia that more Catholic leaders like Pelosi and Cuomo need to be elected to assist other Catholics murder the unborn and practice sexual perversion like Sodom and Gomorrah!

  10. Yes Terry, I stick with Catholic leaders, i.e. our Holy Father and Bishops, not a political cult disguised as Christianity. You might want to crack open a Bible and read it as well as the Catechism to learn who leads our Church. The Church is governed from Rome not Washington D.C. and it not lead by politicians or political concepts in the United States. Heterosexual hedonism, adultery and fornication lead to abortion, and Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of all sexual deviants as well as neglect of the poor … Ezekiel 16:49 Now look at the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters were proud, sated with food, complacent in prosperity. They did not give any help to the poor and needy. 50 Instead, they became arrogant and committed abominations before me; then, as you have seen, I removed them.

    When I present to the table today, I am in communion with my leaders.

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