Our Way to God + Your Clothes-Horse

cuffcuffs1. How many priests do you know who get showcased on a premier fashion weblog?

Click here to check it out.

2. Here is our Blessed Columba Marmion quote of the day:

Let us remain faithful to our sublime calling to seek God.

We shall not arrive at the realization of our ideal in a day nor yet in a year.

We shall not arrive at it without difficulty or without sufferings–for that purity of affection, that absolute detachment, full and constant, which God requires of us before giving Himself entirely to us, is only gained by much generosity.

But if we have decided to give ourselves completely to God, without reservation, and never to bargain with Him for the least corner of our heart, let us be assured that God will reward our efforts by the perfect possession of Himself, wherein we shall find all our happiness.

One thought on “Our Way to God + Your Clothes-Horse

  1. If you lived in California, those cuff-links would no longer adorn your fashion ensemble. However, if you lived in California, it would never snow. Pity…

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