Words of St. Francis


St. Francis’ brief Rule of Life contains sage advice:

I admonish and exhort the brothers that, in their preaching, their words be well chosen and chaste…speaking to the people of vices and virtues, punishment and glory in a discourse that is brief, because it was in a few words that the Lord preached when on earth.

Speaking of the Lord’s words: He sent out his 72 missionaries. The Rule of St. Francis quotes liberally from Christ’s missionary instructions. Since the Way of St. Francis consists simply in following them. Sell what you have, give it to the poor. And come follow Me.

“Carry no money bag.” “Wherever they welcome you, say ‘Peace to this household,’ and eat what is set before you.” Have nothing, except the Gospel. Live as heirs to the Kingdom of heaven.

St. Francis died 794 years ago yesterday. Among his dying words:

Above everything else, I want the most holy Sacrament to be honored and venerated.

3 thoughts on “Words of St. Francis

  1. Words of peace and reforming deeds. To think this saint once boasted he was the king of feasts as a teenager. The truly changed making peace and rebuilding the Church.

  2. As a learning member of the Confraternity of Franciscan Penitents, I have grown to love St. Francis for his love of God’s creation, his life of simplicity and of course, his Eucharistic Adoration. He lived a truly prayerful life with a sense of gentility. May he receive many prayers on this, his feast day.

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