Cowards Ad Limina

Every able-bodied Catholic bishop has a duty to visit the tombs of Saints Peter and Paul–and the pope–once every five years. (Or at least once every eight years, if the pope’s schedule gets full, with important things like endless, confusing month-long Synods.)

In previous centuries, these visits ad limina included an individual meeting with the pope. In this benighted century, the popes have held group meetings with the visiting bishops. Pope Francis meets with as many as twenty bishops at once.

Our American “shepherds” will arrive in Rome in fifteen separate groups over the course of four months. The first group, the bishops of New England, arrived at St. Peter’s yesterday.

Now, let’s briefly anatomize the current Church scandal, here in the U.S. It begins and ends with one name. McCarrick. The Pennsylvania grand-jury report, and subsequent reports in other states, have revealed a great deal of evil and episcopal blundering. But none of that came as “news” to us older Catholics.

We had heard it all before. And we knew that the hierarchy fixed the problem! Under the able leadership of the good guys in miters, in 2002. Especially the Prince Charming of that group. Theodore McCarrick.

In Rome, they knew of McCarrick’s menace. Even then. Viganò revealed that. Subsequent reports confirmed it. The head of the Vatican press office even wrote a book about it, quoting all kinds of Cardinals (off the record, of course).

And the Vatican promised to “make known the conclusions of the matter regarding McCarrick.” Leaving no stone unturned, “following the truth wherever it leads,” even if it proved embarrassing. They made this promise over thirteen months ago. In the meantime, the pope used his authority to defrock McCarrick. Without publishing even one single fact of his case.

Caravaggio’s depiction of what put Vatican Hill on the map in the first place

So, it seems to your unworthy servant: The loudest wailing noise in Holy Church right now is the utter silence of the Holy See on the subject of Theodore McCarrick.

We American Catholics want to take a step forward, towards restored confidence in the integrity of our institution. That step involves one thing happening. The See of Peter revealing, in full, everything they knew, and when, about the evil little Irish-American leprechaun.

mccarrickI ask you, dear reader: How does an American bishop–who ostensibly pretends to care about his faithful people back home–how does he not get off the airplane at Fiumicino and immediately do this:

Kneel at the Apostles’ tombs. Walk into the pope’s parlor. Kiss the Ring of the Fisherman. Then ask, “Where is the g.d. McCarrick Report, Your Holiness?! WTF? You are fricking killing us. What in the actual f?” (Or something to that effect.)

But these feminized cowards in miters will do no such thing. Instead they will tweet things like, “Oh, mother, bring me my aqua vitae! I just got to meet the Successor of Peter! And he has such twinkly eyes! And amazing jowls. So cute! I just love him!”

An earthquake shook the Vatican offices yesterday. Maybe it came after one of the New-England bishops actually managed to ask the Cardinal Secretary of State about when they would publish the McCarrick report. “Oh, si. Presto. Subito.

Then the walls shook.

…I, for one, object to our bishops going to Rome solely to fan-girl the pope. I think we deserve more serious shepherds than this.

11 thoughts on “Cowards Ad Limina

  1. Again Fr. Mark well said! The cover up need to end and the report promised by the Holy father needs to be made public. It seems to me that Good Priest are not wanted in our church anymore. God bless you!

  2. I just dont understand…. the bishops in all these dioceses screaming how they will be transparent…etc….but then…. if any of them are attempting to go to bat for the people and get the report…. and are being refused it should be sung from the rooftops…. we should all know that the log jam is from higher ip on the river than they are…. and no matter how much they tried they were unsuccessful…….

    Either that… or too many other bishops are implicated… and so not a one of them is asking about it.

    God bless father mark….

  3. Fr. Mark, I have a lot of respect for you. Your approach towards the McCarrick scandal is the most lucid I know. Your anger is justified. But where you went at the very end of this piece? You don’t need to go there. I’m not saying this for the bishops’ sake but for others who might be hurt or scandalized by it or who will use it to discredit you. No need to publish this comment if you don’t want to.

  4. Josh, I appreciate your kindness. And you’re probably right. I apologize. May God help all us weak sinners in His Church get back on the track of sober honesty that we should be on.

  5. I followed the links to other accounts, and in reading them found the same concerns which are addressed by Fr. Mark–loss of faith, McCarrick issue–as well as the $200 million missing from St. Peter’s. Pence, and the Pachamama idol issue. There was also an allegation regarding Pope Francis denying the physical resurrection of Christ. I have personally found the Pachamama Idol issue absolutely sickening…the Second Commandment forbids making a graven image and/or worshiping or bowing down to onel It is as though the effort is to remake the Church into a “one size fits all” religion. Perhaps those in Rome do need to see the earthquake as a warning…although I am confident they will not.

  6. You are so justified to vent your anger. We don’t know how much you suffered under this p… McCarrick. I don’t understand why these people are not punished under the same laws as ordinary people who commit crimes.

  7. May God understand and protect you. One of the Greek Fathers (I can find the exact quote but not just now) said that if one has good reason to be angry and does not speak out he sins. Your anger rings true. It is a source of hope for many, many who read your blog.

  8. There is a global satanic pedophile mafia comprised of some of the wealthiest, most powerful people on the planet, and some of them live in the Vatican. The whole sordid evil leviathan is about to get St. Michael’s sword in its heart. The terror in the clerical cloak rooms is causing a paralysis of panic. “Do we come clean now and get out in front of it, mitres in hand, or do we try to weasel out of justice through endless denials and delay?” They’re in a corner and they’re soiling their robes.

  9. After the Nuremberg trials, how long did it take for the collective horror and self-reproach to descend like a black gloom on those in Europe whose silent indifference and craven lassitude gave a green light to the slaughter of six million souls? I’m pointing the finger of reproach at myself now for living politely alongside men and women who would rape and murder children while the adults look away.

  10. “these feminized cowards”

    That’s just wrong … to castigate these criminals with an honorable gender

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