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I will read to you, dear reader, if you like.

Book Four of St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Contra Gentiles.

This podcast will have 97 installments, taking us from now until near the end of the Easter season.

Chapter 1 briefly reviews how we can come to know something about God using human reason–the contents of Books I-III of SCG.

Then St. Thomas explains how, in Book IV, we will try to grasp as best we can the truths which God has revealed about Himself, truths which transcend our ability to understand, at least right now.

He also touches on the fact that, ultimately, we will understand.

9 thoughts on “New Podcast

  1. Thank you, Fr. Mark. With my current workload, I am not hopeful that I can continue through the entire series as I expect this to take a significant of brain power to absorb and continue from day to day. But I will try.

    My take away from this introductory chapter is that we are meant to know God, though imperfectly. In our humanity God reaches from beyond our grasp to give us a path to knowing him through our senses, the scriptures, and divine revelation. Some may come to know better than others, but no one will know fully nor perfectly until we finish this journey.

    I pray that I have ears that can hear and eyes that might catch a glimpse of his reality. May God be praised!

  2. Hi Bernadete,
    I’m Alex McMurtrie and I am a huge fan of yours. Your devotion to Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Mother Mary has been a constant source of encouragement to me. I just wanted to say thank you for your your service to St. Josephs and the Catholic community. Pax Christe

  3. Oh, hey, Alex… beautiful screen name! Thank you for your kind words. The faith of the community and people like you is very edifying and encouraging to me! – Laudate Dominum!

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