Hoyas Going to the Finals + Completion of Psychological Analogy

Can’t remember the last time the Georgetown Hoyas went to the Big East tournament Finals. And it has come just in time for Coach Ewing’s fourth anniversary at the helm.

Patrick Ewing new Hoyas coach

McCarrick reigned over Seton Hall for almost two decades. They offered him an apartment there, for his retirement. Makes our semi-final victory over the Pirates all the sweeter.

The tears in my eyes take me back to February, 1981, when the best high-school basketball player in the country announced to a room full of Boston reporters that he would go to Georgetown the following fall. (He was super-nervous and had his parents and coach standing next to him.)

My humble little northwest-Washington corner of the world became the center of basketball greatness. In the years Ewing played at Georgetown, the Hoyas always went to the Big East Finals, not to mention the NCAA Final Four.

It is practically impossible for young people now to imagine how vicious the racism was that young Patrick Ewing had to face at away games. Opposing-team fans regularly held up signs that read: “Pat Ewing–the missing link!”

Ewing bore it all patiently and quietly. He answered with blocked shots, dunks, and wins.

In chapter 19, of Book IV of the SCG, St. Thomas completes the “psychological analogy” for the Holy Trinity and explains how we can understand the “spiration” of the Holy Spirit.

Summa Contra Gentiles, Book IV, chapter 19

One thought on “Hoyas Going to the Finals + Completion of Psychological Analogy

  1. As a GU ’71 grad I’m always pleased to see Georgetown in the news for something positive.

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