4 thoughts on “Interview with LifeSite News

  1. Oh, no. You’re already in bed with the white nationalists at Church Militant and you then decide to go to the Catholic snakeoil salesmen at LifeSiteNews in a video that isn’t even mic’ed correctly. You really don’t think this is going to bring you back to active priesthood, do you? Have you started looking for a job yet?

  2. I like this article a lot more than some of the other press coverage you have received.

    I worry sometimes that the other articles/interviews make it too much about you and your struggles at the hands of a bishop, instead of the victims you represent and their struggles at the hands of all the canonical and legal might the entire hierarchy can muster against them. This, I feel, plays into the hands of your highly-ranked opponents in the Church, who want the whole thing to look like you’re seeking the limelight for personal glory, while detracting attention from the underlying injustice that they continue to perpetrate and that you’re merely helping to expose.

    So for example, when Andy Dufrense exposed corruption in the State of Maine’s penitentiary system, the headline in the papers was “Corruption, Murder at Shawshank,” and not “Really Mean Warden Put Inmate in Solitary for Playing Mozart.”

    This article does a better job than others I’ve seen in keeping the focus where it belongs–not on Bishop Knestout’s quarrel with you over some blog–but rather on Bishop Barry’s and ALL the bishops’ continued campaign to deny justice (and even mercy) to victims of clerical child abuse.

  3. Question….. If the bishop were to retire or get re-assigned, would his replacement have the authority to reinstate you immediately?

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