Spy Wednesday

When Satan betrayed God, he thought he had good reason.

After all, Satan was the Light Bearer, pre-eminent among the shining angels, resplendent in intelligence and power.

When the Lord revealed that everything had been made for the sake of the glorified worms who pad around the earth on goofy-looking feet…When the Infinite let on that He would unite Himself with a chickpea-chewing, hairy-backed carpenter made of clay—well, Lucifer could not let that stand.

Likewise, when Judas betrayed God, he thought he had good reason.

The stirring, eloquent rabbi–the magnetic heir apparent to the long-abandoned throne—had taken a bad turn. He had abandoned hope of conquering the Gentile barbarians and had given himself over to dangerous delusions of otherworldly grandeur. Not only that, he apparently did not know the value of money. The beloved teacher of Galilee had become a menace and a blasphemer; his ravings had to be stopped. Working with the Temple authorities to arrange a quiet arrest was the right thing to do…

We do not betray God “in cold blood,” so to speak. We do not wake up in the morning and decide, ‘You know what, I am going to betray my Creator today!’ No. We say or do something cruel in the name of a good principle—a perfectly solid principle, which just doesn’t fit the reality of the situation.

Satan quit his job of glorifying Christ because Christ the man was a lesser creature. Christ the man was a lesser creature. But all the angels worthily glorify Christ God, Who is a man.

The real reason Satan quit was, ‘I want to call the shots!’

Judas quit his job of accompanying Christ because the Lord’s plan no longer made any practical sense. Fair enough; founding a kingdom by getting crucified seems like a dim-witted prospect. But the Kingdom of God was founded on Golgatha.

Judas’ real reason was: ‘This whole thing has become more painful, more humble, more challenging, and more sublime than I can deal with.’

Both Satan and Judas found out too late that they had reasoned their treason with lies that they pulled over on themselves.

May the Lord preserve us from such self-delusions. May He keep us close to His beauty and His truth. By believing in Him and seeking Him, we can purify our minds. We can put aside the faulty reasoning that proceeds from our own blind wills, and we can act according to reasons that come from the Heart of God.

One thought on “Spy Wednesday

  1. Fr. Mark,

    In prison (MCCF, the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Clarksburg), I have frequently found the need to caution, “Don’t start believing your own stuff.” It sounds as though I’m too late for S & J.



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